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War Fighters is a unique, two (2) player, traditional card game that incorporates aspects from four (4) different card games, in a lightning fast paced game. Players have five (5) different game styles to choose from, ranging in strategy, and can play with different amounts of cards, in a half deck, full deck, or custom deck format. Rules are included for all game styles in a half deck format. This is an "E-Rated" card game, designed for casual, younger, audiences, sure to get the family involved, and easy enough for anyone to enjoy.

Players duel head to head in order to capture each others War Fighters! Capture the other player's "Leader Cards" to win the game. Be careful, the game could end on the first hand, or the battle could endure for a while. Use sneak attacks, defend your fighters, and/or call truces in this battle among War Fighters!

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