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Work in the system’s busiest spaceport as the latest hire in spatial security. No training is necessary. Just don some gloves and report to station #381. The job is simple but tricky that requires quick reflexes.

Evaluate luggage as they arrive in order to keep the line moving. Any hold ups are unacceptable and will result in immediate termination. Vaporizing approved luggage will also lead to termination. Accidentally passed some forbidden items? Terminated.

Newer hires will have an easier job, but we’ll cut out the slack and add more suitcases as time progresses. There’s no point working here if there isn’t any challenge.

Apply now, spots are limited and members from all forms of time and space have already signed up

Total Spatial Awareness is a pick up and play game that focuses on pressing the correct input with increasingly limited time. Characters & creatures of all walks have the chance to be spotted or even hired so keep an eye out for

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