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The Concourse is a multiplayer foot racing game in which players race against their friends, conquer obstacles and dodge energy attacks to try to reach the flag first. Over the course of 10 rounds, the winner of each round can select a modifier for the subsequent rounds. A procedurally generated course makes each maze different for maximum replayability. In addition to the base maze mode, the developers have created 3 additional game modes. They are:

Survival Mode - An endless runner where the last man standing is the winner. Like in maze mode, the obstacles are random and energy attacks provide a fun challenge.

Greed Mode - In this Capture the Flag-like mode, the winner is the person who finds the most flags while running in the maze, dodging and delivering energy attacks, and conquering obstacles.

Melee Mode - Avoid falling in the water as tiles disappear from a raised platform. Once again, energy attacks will either hinder you or propel you to victory.

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