Sun Sentinels

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Sun Sentinels is a game set in the land of ancient Egypt, where players defend sacred temples against the minions of the serpent god Apep as he attempts to swallow the sun. Normally, Ra would be able to banish them, but he is locked in combat with Apep himself, and needs the aid of sacred rituals to empower him and keep the threat of eternal darkness at bay.
Guided by Ra's allies, players must defend the rituals from constant attack with towers, traps, and spells, giving Ra the energy he needs and saving all of Egypt in the process.

Unique to the game are features that allow for maze building and optical illusion based teleportation. Some defenses in the game work based on the current position of the in-game camera, and shuffle enemies around the map in a manner similar to Monument Valley or Echochrome. To allow the player to use these defenses to their fullest, there is a resource specifically for adding 3d blocks to paths the enemies walk across.

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