Space Between

Chronosapien Interactive
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In Space Between, we wanted to create a world that was unique and told a story of diving to the bottom of the ocean alongside different creatures and machines. We were inspired by documentaries like Blue Planet and the amazing life that they captured; life that seemed so alien but was living right beside us. For us, Space Between is very much a metaphor for the final frontier that exists in our own back yards.

In the game, players control different sea creatures and machines, each with their own gameplay and environments designed specifically for their unique style of input. Using Intel's RealSense technology, players control these characters by using either their hands or head in natural, intuitive motions. Objectives for each stage and character vary, but in general players want to collect as much luminescence (the game's points) as they can while mastering the use of each gesture. As players dive deeper, they will discover secrets meant to be left long buried on the ocean floor.

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