Slide, Crash, Bounce.

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'Slide, Crash, Bounce.' is a fast-paced, no-friction driving simulation that's all about driving too fast, crashing into things, and bouncing all over the place.

The game features three gameplay modes: Racing Mode, where you race toward random targets within a time limit and try to control the power of your car's slide; Destruction Mode, where you try to crash your car into as many things as possible within two minutes; and Free Mode, where you just bounce around in an open sandbox.

Made in Unity 3D, 'Slide, Crash, Bounce.' highlights the platform's strengths for game jam projects such as this one. By using the strength of Unity's Asset Store to acquire professional-quality 3D assets, using Unity's simple lighting and graphics system to make sure they look good, and building it's gameplay off of Unity's built-in physics system, 'Slide, Crash, Bounce.' managed to become an astoundingly robust and complete game in only 31 days with the work of one person.

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