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PeriAreion was created with the purpose of providing an accurate representation of the challenges of establishing a base on Mars.

While any prospective mission will face logistical difficulties of reaching the red planet, PeriAreion focuses on the task of building and maintaining a Mars base over a long period of time. The ultimate goal of the game is to reach sustainability, or the point at which your base is no longer reliant on Earth for survival.

During the course of the game players have to survive the hazards of Mars. They will face the same difficulties that real Martian astronauts will face: limited air on surface EVAs, radiation spikes, habitat malfunctions, dust storms, and more. In addition to base survival, players must build and maintain their base, food stores, water supply, and power using materials gathered from the local environment. This is based on the principle of in-site resource utilization or ISRU.

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