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Minions 4 Less: Full Service (killzone style), LLC. (working title) was developed by a team of 6 over the span of 4 months as a game design capstone project at the University of Central Florida. The class was assigned to develop a game around the theme "summon". As a team, we interpreted this as a budget business that supplies cheap minion labor with a catch; you as the summoner have to create a path for the minion at the bottom of the pit to reach the summoning portal at the top with the added challenge of avoiding traps and collecting power ups. Our goal was to make an arcade style game with simple mechanics and short compelling play sessions. By combing two iconic mechanics, Tetris style block placing and simple platforming, we managed to stumble on something unique and fun! We hope you enjoy playing as much as we enjoyed developing Minions 4 Less: Full Service (killzone style), LLC. (working title).

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