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Keep It Up was made as part of a game small jam hosted by UCF's Game Dev Knights and is the first step towards a commercial product to be released by the end of 2017. The game features a simple premise of playing 'Keep It Up' with a ball in a 1v1 2D platform fighting stage, featuring tight controls and deceptively deep competition. At the end of one minute the player with the most touches on the ball wins the round, best two of three rounds wins the match.

But that's just the facade of the final game. Still to come is an underlying fighting game with attacking, defending, charged attacks and combos where the two players can fight to the death, but a win is still determined by having the most ball touches by the end of the timer. In fact, you can win even if you were destroyed. Fighting isn't something the game tells you how to do, or even something you need in order to win. But it's there. Tempting you.

Also, Keep It Up will feature a total of 10 narrative single-player levels.

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