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eMe's World is under attack by the villainous commander Seeker and his gang of eMeians, wicked interstellar beings that want to steal eMe's planetary energy resource, the precious Forever Stones. eMeians take prisoners, as well!

eMe leads his planet in battling eMeians. He has an awesome team of friends that put their brains together to design and deploy a launcher. The prototype is made of weak materials that do little to turn the tide. But, K-Top, a mechanic, works hard to develop different launchers made of higher quality material and advanced technology. With stronger M-launchers, eMe, Destiny, K-Top, and Lani have the power, speed, protection, and edge they need to be victorious.

Help eMe and his friends launch a counterattack through each hand-drawn level by manning the M-Launcher against the eMeians and their mothership. Aim and shoot the M-Launcher, and score coins or gems while saving captured friends, which can be used to access upgrades, power-ups, and accessories.

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