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The object of the game is to launch eMe & friends upward towards the bad eMeians "friendnamies as I like to call them" Aaron Griffin - Founder. eMeians hover above searching for eMe's to capture. eMeian's actually look just like eMe and friends, but with a bit of malice intent on their faces. They are commanded by a villainous leader from off-world name Seeker set on taking the vast resources on eMe's planet known as the Forever Stone featured in the game which players earn as rewards to purchase accessories, launcher components, and Power-ups. eMe consults his counsel of friends before a counter-attack. As one of the leaders of a the galaxy eMe protects the Forever Stone, and develops a plan to bring down the eMeians who threatens his world. eMe and friends design and deploy launchers made of high quality material and advance technology that is sure to give the entire team, Destiny, Lani, K-Top, and of course eMe the power, speed, protection, and edge needed to be victorious.

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