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Convention Simulator or “Con Sim” is a simulation management game planned for release on PC for Steam wherein you get to plan, create, and manage your very own convention! Will it be a nerdy con celebrating all things geek? Or perhaps a con dedicated to a specific fandom and full of its cosplayers? Or even a stuffy business conference comprised of advertisers and quarterly-review panels? You get to choose!

Make your convention the most popular one it can be by laying out floor-plans for booths selling things like food or merch, placing activities like laser tag or gaming tournaments, and wrangling special VIP guests to attend and speak at fun panels. You can decide if your vendors, activities, and panels cater to a particular fandom which will determine with which sort of attendees your con is populated. The more you cater to a specific fandom, the higher the probability that you will attract the most dedicated of fans from that fandom to your con; but you’d better not disappoint them

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