Bash the Vote 2016

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You don’t have to wait in line to vote at our poll! Step right up and put your mallet to the test in this free classic arcade-style game where every bash counts. Touch the screen to bash Republican candidate Donald Trump or Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton repeatedly as they pop up out of the holes! Every 10 times you bash one of the candidates in a row, you get a bonus 10 seconds. You also earn “I Bashed the Vote” stickers while you play. The higher your score, the more stickers you earn, which can be traded in for helpful upgrades and exciting new mallets. Be careful though, because every time you hit the opposing candidate, your time resets and you lose tickets. You have an important role in this election. Download our free game today and see who is leading in the polls. Your votes will help decide who wins Bash the Vote 2016.

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