Artisan: Going Home Again

Unseen Kingdom Studios
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With weak memory and even weaker ankles, Ellie is ill suited to her job as a waitress, or anything else, as far as she can tell. When her parents decide to sell her childhood home, however, it seems her one chance to save it is to pursue an unlikely career in the only thing she's actually good at: Art.

Will she succeed? And, if she does, will success alone give her what she is actually searching for?

- Make friends to help Ellie grow into a more confident person; live as an island to hone her skills as finely as possible; or try to find some balance between the two.
- Over a dozen possible endings each shed a more complete light over the life and times of Ellie and her friends.
- New game and new game plus features allow you to customize your replay experience.
- More than 15 stat boosting outfits.
- Built in guidebook.
- Unlockable image gallery.

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